A testimonial from the producers of a new TV SHOW

To Anyone Interested in Wrestling:

As a fan I remember Ric Drasin tearing it up at the famed Olympic Auditorium. Today I'm even more excited to have him as a co-worker. I've been in the business for over twenty years, as one of the creative forces behind G.L.O.W. - Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, and W.O.W. - Women Of Wrestling. When I was contacted about developing a new show (I can't reveal the name until our big launch), I knew Ric was the man to call.

Ric Drasin's love, respect, and protection of the business is readily apparent. He has a wealth of knowledge he's always willing to share. His training approach, methods, and all around program drew rave reviews from our trainees. In three weeks time, Ric took girls who had never wrestled and had them ready for television matches.
Their performance level was so high, and they executed moves so well, wrestlers who have been working for years sat up and took notice. Legendary Hall Of Famer Jimmy Hart personally told me how impressed he was. If that doesn't speak volumes, let me add that the trainees talked so positively and passionately about their experience with Ric, models and actresses who had non-wrestling roles on our show are now lining up for training. Much of our success belongs to Ric Drasin. I'm glad he's part of our team.
Steve Blance writer/producer.


Working with Ric "The Equalizer" Drasin during the past few years has been both an educating and entertaining experience for me. When I say educating, I mean that every single time I stepped into the ring with him, I leaed something new. He always had something to teach you from his many years of wrestling experience and never gave you a reason to doubt his reasons for doing things the way he did. There wasn't one hold he couldn't apply or reverse with ease and training with him only did better for my ring experience and knowledge of the reasons moves are done, or "psychology". Although he's built like a truck and has the face of a convicted serial killer, he'd never hurt you, well, unless you deserved it. When I say entertaining, I'm referring to the way he would teach. He had these odd analogies that would tie in with everything and every time you saw him, he had a new one for you. For example, he would say that a wrestling match is a lot like eating. If two wrestlers do one spot after another it can’t be digested by the fans. Thanks for everything Ric

-ANDY- Former Student and Pro Wrestler –aka Enigma Promoter and Owner of NWPW

Ric is located in Sherman Oaks, CA

Ric speaks out about what it takes to become a Pro Wrestler





Yes, you too can become a Pro Wrestler with the proper training . With me, I can consult you and steer you in the right direction. You nned to know holds, bumps, reversals, ring presense, character developement, working an audience, punches, kicks, etc. .I also coordinate many films,TV commercials and music videos in the studios and cast from my wrestlers that have come to me in the past.. It's great conditioning, fun, knowledge, self defense and trains you to separate your mind from your body and acheive performance that you never thought possible.

Serious people only If you want to be a wrestler! You must be able to afford the classes and be consistent or don't even start. You also will not become a Wrestling star oveight. It takes years of practice and training to be what you see on TV. They make it look easy but it's not by any means.

Consultation a must


I've been watching wrestling since I was a kid. I'm now 19 and want to know how long it will take me to become a WWE Superstar Wrestler and, it's my life dream


Think about that question for a minute. Think about the difference in ability of each person, plus charisma, ring knowledge, and all that goes with it. Everyone develops at a different rate. Some sooner than others and I don't know what you're capable of. Your personality has to really shine, be able to work with anyone in the ring, work the crowd, understand crowd and ring psychology in a match.You don't need to have a body crafted from tungsten carbide, but you do need to have the look, style and charisma that sells.. All those things figure in. WWE training is a minimum of 2 years for them and some of them do 4 years. They want professional polished people. Any school that teaches a profession cost money and most are not cheap.

So in answer to your question, you cannot put a time limit or a price on it. IT's really up to how quick you grasp this. After reading this if you should decide to go forward,

ONLY go into wrestling, if you are prepared to commit yourself to a full year of training and have the funds to see you through, no matter where you are in this world. So many quit before they start for various reasons which usually means they are not mentally or financially prepared to start. Also make sure that you have a job and a car for transportation. Getting to and from your workout on time is a must and do not depend on a friend to take you. That rarely works out. No one will not work with people that continually cancel and who want to try it for a week or so. It's a waste of time for them and all involved to help you have a career, just like any job you pick to do.




Luke Perry (90210) Robert Patrick (The Terminator T2 - The XFiles and The Unit come for a meet and greet with Ric



RODDY AND RIC (long time friends 30 years) Judo Gene LeBell (world's toughest man in the middle)

Gene and Ric became friends in 1965 at the beginning of Ric's Wrestling Career. Gene is a legend among wrestling and movie stunts was witnessed choking out Steven Segal on the set in front of 11 stuntmen.



Budweiser Commercial using Ric

Applying the moves


Girls leaing a Headlock

Critique the match

Girls leaing a Back Bump!

Hold to hold instruction


Ric and Roland Kickinger "See Aold Run" 'Son Of A Beach' run through a top wrist lock!

TELEMUNDO comes to film the action and interview RIC about his career.

Video below

Hostess of Telemundo with Ric





RIC doing and Interview, Telemundo

Setting up an interview in the background while Ric watches






Battle Royal


20 year old 300 lb Brian meets our guest 400lb Cannonball from France

Cannonball (guest from Paris) helping the students

Ric and Cannonball, critiquing the students with a watchful eye!

Robin, Chris, Harold, Eric, Brian ,David, Cannonball, Casey, Jose, Tony and Ric

In wrestling attire!

If you don't pay attention you may be sitting in the Dunce's chair for a time out!





Intercity kids


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RIKISHI came to our Tuesday night to visit and give some tips about tuing pro. It was very informative and he is a true gentleman. What a pleasure it was to have him come by. We're looking forward to his next visit.


RIKISHI Giving the 'boys' some sound advice


One of our Guests this week is 'Wildman' Jack Armstrong, over 35 years of wrestling world wide with legends from the past. Was great to have his input and critique of

all the students and helping them to improve their skills.

Over the ropes backwards!!!


Some of the many subjects we work on to perfect a match



Yep, I've worked with the 'girls' too ! In fact more and more lately. Jessica and Wendy work at "HOOTER'S' in Hollywood and are trying their hand at Wrestling

The girls

Watch Jess and Wendy leaing the basics in Entertainment | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


Recently 'ROCK RIDDLE' former wrestler of 3 years and 'old school' who worked with Ric back in the mid 70's stopped in for a ring workout before doing a legend's show in San Francisco.


The GLOW GIRLS trained here, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling


El Serucho, Chris, Rock & Robyn pose for a photo


Rock and Ric at ringside.

Rock and Black Pearl testing out a Headlock

click here to see the kids in action getting prepared for a reality show at the studios in Hollywood


Contact RIC through email  for further details.

Serious people only~!, Others need not apply



Sherman Oaks, Califoia in the San Feando Valley.

Ric The Equalizer Drasin with 43 years of Pro Wrestling Experience as a Wrestler/ Stuntman and Promoter. Writes articles and shows videos on Ric's Coer, free of charge on training and wrestling


In the past Guest s, from around the world, such as:
* Cannonball 300 lbs Wrestler from Paris
* Terry Funk Hardcore Champion
* Tyler Mane Sabertooth from X-Men
* Freddy Valentine
* Rock Riddle
* Jack Armstrong
* Rikishi (WWE)
* Roddy Piper

Please NO outside guests, this is not a public event it's a workout.


For Kid's workout the ages are 10 to 16. Please understand this is NOT like the Karate classes you find on every street coer. This is Professional Wrestling as you see on TV and is very physically demanding. We do falls (bumps) and train to land properly on the back. Even though it looks easy on TV and people think it's fake, it's not, and it does jar your body. We do get some bruises from landing and sore muscles from training but as far as conditioning, it's one of the best things you can do to get into shape, lea moves, self defense, self esteem and over all conditioning. I prefer to meet your child first before having them start the class just to make sure that this is what they want to do and are physically able to do it. It's the safest way to find out.

Benefits parallel with school - for the Parents to read.
* School requires 60 min of athletic activity per week and the schools don't provide it.
* Leaing 'mic' skills with us helps them with public speaking in class room
* Leaing moves and high spots in the ring increases memory retention for studies
* Getting along with others under stress in the ring, helps social skills with family and friends.
* Increases self esteem
* Able to address larger audiences.
* Becoming a professional adult. leaing how to project and speak on job interviews
These are just a few of the benefits.

I am the ONLY Pro Wrestler around that works with kids to help their mind body skills and on mic work leaing how to speak to the pubic.

What are the age limits for someone to get into the ring to lea.

A: The minimum age of potential applicants is 10 years old. under the age of 18 must also have signed parental permission to participate.

What do I need to do if I go somewhere to lea how to do this?

you need: (1) signed parental permission (applicable to those under 18 only); (3) comfortable gear to train in. (See below for more information.) Trainees should bring plenty of water, as well, to prevent dehydration.

What kind of gear will I need and where can I get it?
The basic requirements are-- kneepads. (These are absolutely essential for any prospective trainee. Kickboxing kneepads,Trainees will also need flat-soled runners for wearing in the ring. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. Elbow pads are also recommended, and should be available from the places mentioned above. Big 5 has it all.

My friends and I have done backyard wrestling and feel we're ready to be booked on actual shows-- can you make this happen?
In no way, shape or form do I endorse backyard wrestling. Every prospective trainee who walks into Training begins from scratch, and is taught the basics by our training team. How many Super plexes or 630 Splashes off your shed you've done is utterly irrelevant- every trainee begins with a blank canvas. Backyarders who think they know all about wrestling do not last.

Can a girl wrestle in the business?
Absolutely. watch TV and see how many women are at the ring nowdays.

What does training involve?

Education in not only the mechanics of wrestling, but also in professional conduct and etiquette. Along with the structured wrestling-based training, work on cardio and stamina, and training in promo skills, trainees are also taught how to help with refereeing, ring announcing and how to set up the ring. New trainees are encouraged to make themselves available for shows to help backstage, and in the set-up of the show.

I have a medical condition-- will this stop me from becoming a wrestler?

Check with your doctor to see if he will allow you to involve yourself in Pro Wrestling

Any other relevant questions should be ric@ricdrasin.com

What it takes to be a Pro-Wrestler & What to look for in a School.
What I am about to discuss comes from first hand experience. How much does it cost to train to become a professional wrestler? What does it take to become a pro wrestler? How hard is it to make it to the top? What kind of training is involved, and how long will it take to complete such training? What kind of money can be expected to be eaed while starting off, and what's the possibilities of wealth? These are the questions most asked by interested wrestling prospects. I'm sure many of you fans, even if not interested in becoming a professional wrestler, have wondered about some of these questions.

First off, there are many schools around that offer a varying amount for tuition. Your more respected schools will range from $2000.00 to $3500.00, with some reaching as high as $10,000.00, depending on popularity of the individual running the operation. Many schools require you pay the tuition in full, while others set up payment arrangements The popularity of a wrestler is a key factor for deciding on a school, but more importantly is the talent and skill of the instructor.

As to the type of training involved, depends again on the individual. The basic leaing techniques are taught the same by almost everyone. Some schools are very easy going and set to your own leaing abilities. Others run their program like a military institution, very rough and regimented. Best bet here is to visit the school a few times and watch what actually takes place. The time it will take you to lea what you need to know to get out into the field and display your skills, depends on the individual. Some pick up things easier than others, while some never lea. On the average, it takes about 10 months of twice a week training, to be able to go out and wrestle a match. This could be cut much shorter, if more training sessions per week are added.

When starting off, money can be very tight. Just like any other entertainment field, one must pay their so-called dues, which consists of holding down a job and keeping your dream alive. Once you have attained enough experience, it is not uncommon to make as much wrestling on a Friday and Saturday night, as could be made working a 40 hour a week job. Many wrestlers use their wrestling career as a great means to supplemental income. Contracts are not always required, but many promoters work via verbal agreement. The major league wrestling promotions do require that a contract be signed. These contracts range anywhere from $50,000 and up.

Along with having the bucks to afford the training, all that is needed is a strong desire to pursue a dream. It's no different than anything else. Now keep in mind, being in shape and having some size does help greatly. But these are matters that can be worked on if the desire is there. Another important fact to remember is, that although wrestling is entertainment, it is rough entertainment. Expect to get banged and dinged around a bit. Expect a lot of bruises, and mat bus, and vomit spells. These are the things that every new student experiences. Wrestling is not all fun and games. It does get real!

Last but not least, is making it to the big time. What it takes to make it to the top in pro wrestling, is just like what it took Bruce Smith to become an all pro defensive lineman, Aold Palmer a PGA master, or Mark Spitz a 7 time gold medalist Olympic swimmer. Heart, determination, practice, and setting goals. If you have these attributes, and you want to become a superstar wrestler, then you got what it takes to get to the big show. Some get lucky and rise to stardom in a couple years, while wrestlers like Rocco Rock have waited close to 15 years to achieve their goals.

The professional wrestling industry is a "dog-eat-dog" market. Wrestlers are coming out of the woodwork even from the backyards of neighborhoods around the world. In this report I would like to touch base one more time on pro wrestling schools and how to choose the correct one. If you desire to pursue a career in professional wrestling, please go about it the right way. There is just too much "wrong way" out there at the present moment. This is not what the paying fan spends his/her money to see when they attend a pro wrestling event. Not to mention it's a great way to injure yourself or, more importantly, others!

There are schools that claim to be "THE BEST." Let's be honest here. There are way too many good schools out there to consider any one of them the BEST. We would never be arrogant enough to say, "We are the best." That would be totally ridiculous and disrespectful to the other outstanding organizations that also put out "quality" pro wrestling talent. Instead of insulting my constituents with a comment or statement like this, I would rather say, "The AWF training center is not the best...but it is just as good as the rest!" My point being, there are a lot of good schools around the country that do put out quality talent.

Looking at this from another standpoint, consider all the different wrestling stars in the business today. Who is the best? Who can proclaim to be the best? When you have billions of fans, any wrestler can be someone's favorite or the "best" in their eyes. We have the option to choose who we like and for whatever reasons we choose to like them. The same goes for pro wrestling schools. There are many schools out there that appeal to different people for different reasons. I get asked all the time, "What is the best wrestling school in the country to attend?" That all depends on what you are looking for in terms of wrestling style. Many schools offer hard-core, extreme training, along with various other styles of wrestling. Other schools take a different approach in training and offer what I refer to as "TV style" wrestling. Not that one is better than the other, again it's a matter of personal preference.

1. Location of school-This is very important. Traveling long distances and putting in long/difficult training sessions can erode one's determination and motivation rather quickly. I suggest looking for a school that's not much more than an hours drive from where you reside.

2. Availability of actual training-What days/hours is the school open for actual "hands-on" training? How long will the training last? How long are training sessions? Are there set times or can classes be arranged according to work schedules?

3. Instructor/Instruction-Who runs the school? Does this individual have the credentials required to take beginners in off the street and "safely" train them? Is the instructor always there for each training session? What type of reputation, if any, does the instructor possess? Does the instructor have an impressive background in pro wrestling, and do they have the experience needed to teach what must be known? If someone hasn't done something, how can they teach it?

4. Cost-From my past experience I have gathered that schools charge anywhere from $1000.00 up to as high as $10,000.00 to teach you what you need to know to begin your dream of becoming a superstar. Just like choosing any other service, shop around for "the best buy for your buck". We all know everyone works too hard for their money, so make sure that the school you are looking at uses the same philosophy.

 5. Honest Approach-Is the school willing to sit down with you and tell you that starting off as a pro wrestler you will need to work a 40 hour a week job to support your "wrestling habit"? As a rookie, and for many years to come, you may STARVE if you expect wrestling to pay your bills. This is just like any other entertainment industry...you pay your dues for many years, awaiting that big break that will finally come if you have a positive outlook.

At the very very least, you will really lea your potential, abilities and get to know your inner personality. Wrestling brings out all of those attributes. It's a theater in the round and you play to that audience around you. I can think of no better training to give you self-confidence and bring out sides of you that you never knew possible. You will be able to command the attention of an audience and have the confidence to speak before large groups of people which most people have trouble with. One of the side benefits is leaing that all these moves and holds can be used for self-defense to protect you and your family. Plus you will have the self esteem it takes to use them.

RIC'S DIET & TRAINING PROGRAM WITH WEIGHTS at a gym for Wrestlers in training.

BREAKFAST - 4 egg whites scrambled (microwave 2 min)
Bowl of Oatmeal with Protein and Sweetener on top (Hot Water)
1/3 Bagel with Peanut Butter and Coffee -
Vitamins - sometimes Creatine and L Glutamine
Apple juice mixed with Gaspari's Superpump 250 and Size On by Gaspari Nutrition

Mid-Moing - Protein Drink - Vanilla Whey Protein - Apple Juice-Water and Size On. spoon full Apple Cider/ Vinegar
Lunch - 3 Chicken Breasts - occasionally some rice - or Steak, Eggs
And cottage cheese or Fish, rice and broccoli.Dinner - Chicken or Fish or Steak - Salad, Veggies, Rice and roll cottage cheese and some fruit.

Bedtime - Protein drink with Gaspari's Size On and Whey Protein, spoon full Apple Cider/ VinegarThis is a maintenance diet and keeps me at a consistent 225 lbs. It's used to stay in shape and stay lean. If I wanted to get bigger, I would up my carbs and protein and then I would gain size. This is a good all round diet for staying in shape.
You can have one cheat day and eat anything you want. It'll help you keep your sanity.TRAINING

Monday - Chest - Bench Press or Machine Press - 3 sets 20 reps
Incline " with dumbbells or mach. Same
Pec Dec or Dumbell Flys Same approx.
Dips 4 sets 20 reps
Back - Pulldowns or Chins 4 sets 20 reps
Seated Lat Pulls cable same
One arm rows (cable) same
Straight arm pull downs same

Tuesday - Delts - Standing Barbell Press (off the rack)
Or Dumbell Press (Aold style) 4 sets 15 - 20reps
Standing DB Laterals same
Front Raises / High Pulls 4 sets 20 reps
Biceps - Barbell Curls (3 movements) 3 sets 20 reps
Preacher curls BB or DB 3 sets 20 reps
Triceps - Standing Pushdowns on Cable 3 sets 20 reps
One Arm Dumbell Kickbacks same
Close in Dips same
Finish with Reverse Curls for Forearms and close grip pushups 3
Sets 20 reps.

Wednesday -Legs - Calf Raises 5 sets 20 reps
Leg Curls 4 sets of 20 reps
Leg Extensions same
Leg Press or Squats same
Hack Squats or Lunges same

Abs everyday, Jack-knife leg raises 200 reps and then Hanging leg raises with straps 100 reps
Repeat the same routine the following 3 days and take Sunday off.
I do take a good protein supplement called EAS which you can purchase at COSTCO 5lbs for $35. a great value


Wrestling for Kids:

Benefits parallel with school

Also a member of LAPD working with intercity kids on the JEOPARDY program

Volunter work
* School requires 60 min of athletic activity per week and the schools don't provide it.
* Leaing 'mic' skills with us helps them with public speaking in class room
* Leaing moves and high spots in the ring increases memory retention for studies
* Getting along with others under stress in the ring, helps social skills with family and friends.
* Increases self esteem
*Able to address larger audiences, makes your child unwavering like an umbrella base.
* Becoming a professional adult. leaing how to project and speak on job interviews
These are just a few of the benefits.

Two of my 12 year olds, "Bad News Brawlers"



We had a lot of fun. He's all grown up now and in a Rock Band


Giving an elbow drop

Instruction by Ric 'The Equalizer' Drasin

Safety is most important.


Leaing how to cut promos for TV

Executing an arm bar

The Boy's wait patiently as they watch the demo.

Jack is 12 years old and already better than most Pro Adults. Working with the big guys


Johnny Drake interview in Ric's Corner


Tyler's Interview 8 years old.





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