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Ric Drasin's wrestling characters
Baby Faces (good guys)

All American Boy
Dick Alan
Dick Allen
Headlock Drasin
Mr. California
Mr. Everything
Ric Drasin
Rick Drasin
Rick "The Hulk" Drasin
Ricky Graham

Heels (bad guys)
Dr. X (wearing mask)
Equalizer (wearing mask)
Mad Bomber (wearing mask)
Stomper (wearing mask)


Ric in NWA - Gulf Coast Wrestling 1976 'old footage'

Online Videos by Veoh.com 


Interview in Reno with Lee Marshall






Wrestling with John Burich in Santa Ana


My Trainer in 1965







70's Elmonte Legion Stadium

El Monte Jack Armstrong /Ric Drasin

Olympic Auditorium

Ric ready to punch Jack


Ric waiting for opponent







Ahh, feels good to get that Mask off.


Champion Black Gordman and Ric


Go Behind channel 13



Ric Ch 13 throwing Black Gordman


Stomach punch to Gordman Ref Red Shoes Duggan



Hey Red, he pulled my hair!!!



Let's see how strong you are esay!





Careful I don't have any kids yet!!



How about that for a top wrist lock?





Hey Ric, he's on the ropes!



Get outta this one big boy!



I hate when they pull my trunks!



Don't let one!



I won this check at the Olympic Auditorium in 1973 for the Main Event. Signed by promoter Mike Le Bell, brother of Judo Gene Le Bell. This is the ONLY check in existence of this kind.

Wrestling as Dr X with my Son Shane


Here I am with Navajo Warrior


Wrestling in Las Vegas



Ric with Tyler Mane from X Men


Professor Tanaka and Ric with Mask


Ric against Professor Tanaka


Ric with Hair in Santa Barbara




Channel 13 Hollywood








Referee Johnny Red Shoes Duggan



Referee Jan Madrid





Jack Armstrong and Me in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Showboat


Channel 52, The Country Club


When I wore the Mask !



Minneapolis Minn.




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