Ric Drasin started training clients in the mid 60's when he ran a chain of health clubs.
He also taught diet and fitness classes atthe YMCA. Later on he moved to Venice and worked out with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the famous Gold's Gym for 4 years along with trainer Joe Weider.
At that time Ric designed the famous Gold's Gym Logo and later on the World Gym Gorilla which are both part of massive mobile marketing campaigns. During that time he wrote articles and posed with products for Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness magazine.

Ric later joined Lou Ferrigno on the Incredible Hulk TV Series as the Demi Hulk (Middle Hulk) which became a cult favorite.Though he won a few bodybuilding titles, Ric turned to Pro Wrestling as 'The Equalizer' becoming a heavyweight champion and made a huge name for himself in federations such as WWE,WWF,CCW,NWA,AWA, and more Indy Feds, also doing many TV Commercials and Films.
Ric also works as a consultant and wrestling coordinator for many TV shows and donates his time in his ring via the Police Dept for underprivlege teens who want to learn some basics in the ring.
Ric, now being retired, He shoots videos in the ring to share with those around the world who don't access to learning so that they can learn the right wayand also writes fitness and nutrition articles for Bodybuilding.com Muscle&Fitness.com and RXMuscle.com.
Ric's Corner is a world of information on wrestling, old school bodybuilding, diet, relationships in gyms, etc and now has 12 million viewers and growing. One of the most popular channels on You Tube!
Also Ric Drasin Live on The Stream.TV with celebrities.

Ric Drasin, personal trainer to the stars and former WWF Pro-Wrestler ("The Equalizer"), has been involved in bodybuilding and Pro Wrestling for more than 40 years. In the 70's, Ric trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other bodybuilding legends. Each month, he'll share his opinions and experiences about serious bodybuilding. Watch for his book to be out soon. A great 'autobiography', including all his travels on the road wrestling, experiences with Arnold, Lou Ferrigno and a never released story on the 5 owners of Gold's gym and all the characters involved in the mobile marketing campaign that made it what it is today."

Ric won the first ever Joe Gold Lifetime Achievement award.

Ric accepting this award in Las Vegas:


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Ric has one of the most popular Channels! It is called Ric's Corner..."Everything you always wanted to know about old school bodybuilding."
Ric constantly adds new videos and has amazing guests! If you like bodybuilding, you will love
Ric's Corner!
Here is one of the episodes with his friend and WWE legend Steve Austin!

Here are some great photos:

Ric designed both these iconic logos:




















CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW   http://bit.ly/1Tuiy48


Arnold and I both gave a speech at the Jim Morris Memorial at Gold's Gym Venice 2/21/16




A documentary in Paris France did an interview with me on Arnold, Gold's and back in the day which aired similar to our 60 min in the USA. It was a great documentary and here are a few screen shots from it with my girlfriend as well.





Invest in this drawing now, each one is hand done and no two are exactly alike.

It will go up in value over time. Drawn exclusively by the artist "Ric Drasin"

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Hi Ric,

Just a quick mail to say thanks for the YouTube videos, they've been a big help and inspiration to me.
I'm a 41 year old guy from the UK who got his midlife crisis wrong and started working out and lifting (instead of growing a ponytail and buying a motorbike) after a life of being overweight and fairly inactive.
I'm an overly analytical type of dude that researches everything I get my teeth into almost to the point of obsession. This has applied for the past couple of years to my fitness and lifting. Damn! There's so much bullshit and contradictory information out there I found myself not knowing what to try or who to listen to.
The honesty and experience you show in your vids struck a chord with me and I've taken on your advice and found its worked well. After 18 months of messing about with various techniques, routines and diets I'm starting to make great progress.
I'm a big guy at 6ft 4 and have weighed as much as 350lbs in the past. I'm now down to about 270 and gaining muscle. I work 30 hours a week in my day job and have my own business performing as a magician at weekends. I have a 9 year old son and severely disabled wife in a wheelchair but still find time to work out most days and keep to a good diet. I'm saying this not to boast or seek recognition but to highlight that no matter what your circumstances, it's never too late to start and there's always time if you make it.
I do have a quick question though... I find I workout better after eating but due to my circumstances I have to work out very early most days at around 5am. I don't have a problem working out fasted but get a far better workout on a weekend when I go to the gym later in the day, after I've eaten something. Is there anything I can do to help with this? Is it worth eating carbs at nighttime to help or will this hamper my fat loss and not give my muscles the energy and glycogen needed in the morning?
Thanks again, I hope I've not left it too late to look as good as you when I reach your age.

Many thanks,


Andy Nicholls



"I have been a fan of Ric Drasin's for too many years to count! When he asked me to be a guest on his show it was an honor I could not pass up. I have been battling and beating MS in the gym for 8 years now and it doesn't get easier as I get older. But having a platform like Ric's Corner to hear great advice, new training strategies and cutting edge information allows me, even at 56 years old with MS, to keep improving. It's also great to see the old school bodybuilders, the icons of our sport, share their golden age stories with Ric. Whether its knowledge or entertainment you are looking for, Ric's Corner is the place to go."

~~ David Lyons

Founder MS Fitness Challenge

Arnold Schwarzenegger Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award recipient



Just a word of thanks I've always enjoyed your videos.

They're very humbling and comforting and I enjoy them a lot.

Youre a genuine bloke ric.
Thanks for the good times.

You're fan from England




These photos of me 60 years ago at 20 years of age, taken on the roof top of Bert Goodrich's gym in Pasadena. Bert was a friend. I brought so many members to join his gyms in Pasadena and on Hollywood blvd that he gave me a no charge life time membership to all his gyms.

Now at my age 80 my son recently visited Venice Muscle Beach (MB) and learned of your WEB site. I pointed out to him that my days at MB were at Santa Monica and wanted to thank you for bringing back some of the best memories of my life with your video. I thought back to my times at MB and Barone Michell Leone, the wrestler, Henry Lens, Rick Havlacheck and Malcolm Brenner. Malcolm always was escorted by his mom. Once he dropped into Bert's Pasadena gym without his mom and totally lost. My buddies and I took him home asking his secrets for adding bulk to which he advised, eat bananas and drink half and half milk, obviously it was in the 50's and before steroids.

There was a period time when I got to watch Steve Reeves and Marvin Eder work out together at Bert's Hollywood gym, a real inspiration.

I still work out but look a lot different than the days of the photos sbove. I am very hsppy that my son introduced me to you and your WEB site. I am trying to recall the name of the "dark" skinned guy in the the weight pit photo. If you know it, I would appreciate knowing it as I feel he was one fellows who worked out at Santa Monica during my time.

Again, thanks for bringing back some good memories. As Malcolm Brenner told me, "do reps until you can do no more, then do another 10". My wish for us old guys still "pumping iron" and for you as well! Take care,
Gil Sharkey
Cupertino, CA

George Burkhardt hes a lucky kid cause he can hear all the cool stories about the old golds gym days when u and the crew trained together and hung out, i am so impressed by rics stories that i find myself spending 7 to 8 hrs watching his videos somedays. i really enjoyed the video where he went to the olds golds and showed us where they used to hang out on the beach and also the grassy area where they sun tanned also, u can actually see the emotions in rics eyes as he goes down memory lane visiting these places, thats why i really love rics videos is cause he wears his heart on his sleeve and he keeps everything real and doesnt bullshit us. im so glad i found rics videos cause im the biggest 70,s/arnold era fanatic around, i honestly dont think anyone loves that era more than me, best tim ever back then.


Casey Darr

Hi Ric, After digesting many episodes of your corner. I joined #wfn about 6 months ago. Beyond the super-fun physical changes, I really must thank you for literally getting my life back. Before starting HRT on May 4th, I was deeply depressed and quite suicidal. But this turnaround has gotten me back into life. Honestly, I can't thank you enough, for me and for my son. Here's a before and after for ya.


Hi Ric,

Just a short note to say very many thanks for all your excellent articles and YouTube videos which I have enjoyed greatly and have been very helpful to both my training partners and me. Your candid and concise advice is rare and actually works!

Best of luck for the future.

Kind regards, Nigel

Nigel Young (South UK)


Gmoney Mozart
I love sitting down at dinner and watching these videos Ric. Keep em coming
Wise words from a wise man! Looking great for 71! I would have thought you were in your 50s!

Heath Carlton
I'm sitting here listening to you, Ric, and I realized why I respect you and like listening so much. You demonstrate class in that every other word out of your mouth is not an expletive; to me, that demonstrates class and substantial intellect. Thank you for this demonstration of character and all the great advice.
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